• Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 8.5x11
  • Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 8.5x11
  • Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 8.5x11

This is for 8.5x11 ( US letter size, akin to A4 ) full body/compositional kind of images only. See examples here for what to expect!

I *may* end up doing some of these on livestreams occasionally.

Pen, ink & watercolour/acrylic inks.

I'll paint up whatever you want. *Except*:

Your own personal character design unless you have existing reference for it. ( Not for publishing purposes however, so no computer fancy finishing, just original art )

Likenesses. I'm just not that great with them for the time needed. I suck at drawing Brad Pitt unless I spend forever on it, sorry.

Pets. I'm not that great at general animals. There's far better artists than me for that stuff and I want to give you my best work I'm known for!

After purchase, EMAIL ME [email protected] with the description of what you'd like, if you can't place a note of what you want with the order. ( PayPal doesn't appear to let you do that during checkout itself sometimes ) Don't worry, I can match names to the purchase easily enough!

And please please please make sure your paypal posting address matches where you want the actual art sent. Or make sure you let me know where it goes. :-)


Standard shipping outside the US will be first class, which comes with a bit of tracking. If you want fancier/faster, let me know, for additional costs. Customs tend to make things take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months or so right now. And UK/EU folks may have VAT to pay. ( Sorry you guys, I'm not signed up to your systems. )


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